This website is dedicated to transforming a fledgling short-story author (me) into a novel author.  With the side-goal of updating grandmas’ on the achievements and destructive tendencies of my four small children.

Though I’ve been attending community writing classes and writer’s groups for eight years and even had a completed manuscript, it wasn’t until I auditioned with and was accepted into the Wasatch Fiction Writer’s Group in May of 2008 that I became serious about traveling the road to publication. My first story to be accepted, A Gift Freely Offered, is featured alongside popular Utah authors like Shannon Hale and Rick Walton in the Writing for Charity anthology, The Gruff Variations.

I finished my first manuscript, This Isn’t Me, and in early 2011, I began a second, much stronger, one called Shatter. I hope to send Shatter out to writing agents in the fall of 2012.

Below is a tagline of my story and each manuscript.

A GIFT FREELY OFFERED is a fairy-godmother-filled tale of a dark enchantress and the innocent sixteen-year-old fairy she magically controls.  Little does the enchantress know how crafty innocence can be.  All proceeds of the $7.99 anthology The Gruff Variations go to underprivileged children.

SHATTER: When fifteen-year-old Salem Jefferson is assigned to work with gang-banger Cordero Vasquez and enigmatic Slate Petrosyan to put conspiracy theories on the hot seat during a mock trial, she uncovers the truth: her sister, Carrie, wasn’t the only one killed last April.

THIS ISN’T ME: Caught in a love-triangle and wanting more than anything to be normal, seventeen-year-old Trix Harris would rather strap dynamite to herself than admit to the panic she sometimes feels–even after it sends her to an emergency room.